Bursting With Thanks

Anyone who knows me will know I'm a BIG Insta fan (that's Instagram from those of you who ain't down with the lingo). It's by far my favourite platform and in my humble opinion the best form of social networking. Aside from it bursting at the seams with inspirational images (it's addictive to say the least), it has a real sense of 'community'. I absolutely love connecting with my followers and discovering new and exciting brands I may never have stumbled upon. 

Multi award winning superfood supplement brand Organic Burst was one of those! I probably would have stumbled across them at some point (I mean let's face it - they're HUGE!) but perhaps not in the same way... I'm now totally obsessed with their products and suffer severe withdrawals if I run out (that's a complete overreaction included purely for dramatic effect) ...basically I love their stuff.



So as you can imagine, it was a total delight when one sunny Tuesday afternoon a lovely little email pinged into my inbox from Organic Burst Co-Founder, Katya. #collaborationalert !! After some discussion (Katya: Would you like to collaborate? Me: HELL YES!) we have since worked together to create ten hand lettered notecards each carrying a special 'OB style' quote. Organic Burst customers will find these little collectable cards of joy popped into every order placed through their site and will hopefully spread a little love, happiness and joy around the globe!


Keep your eyes peeled and get collecting!

If you fancy a glowing from the inside out, join the club! www.organicbust.com

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