'A Birthday Wish' Raw Chocolate Bar Gift Box


In collaboration with artisan chocolatiers, Raw Halo, this brand new range of stunning, gold embossed, hand lettered gift boxes cover every gifting occasion.

Each box contains 6 x bright and beautiful Birthday inspired 35g bars of award winning organic, raw, vegan friendly, gluten free chocolate containing no refined sugar whatsoever - so, you really can enjoy the heavenly taste of Raw Halo without the guilt!

Flavours included are;

  • Mylk + Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Mylk + Crispies
  • Mylk + Goji Berry and Vanilla
  • Pure Mylk
  • Pure Dark
  • Dark + Lemon and Pink Salt

A healthier way to enjoy chocolate, smooth and fruity Peruvian raw cacao is sweetened with organic coconut sugar - ensuring each bar is not only glowing with goodness, but also tastes totally delicious.

You have to try it to believe it!